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Low-FODMAP Oat Almond Coconut Cookies

You will love these low-FODMAP cookies!  They have a nice, somewhat chewy center and are crunchy on the outside.  I wanted to bake with almond meal this week and was inspired by this Almond Oat Cookies recipe from EatGood4Life.  I have adapted her recipe and also made...

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The Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series in Sydney and Brisbane

The Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series in Sydney and Brisbane

The Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series I so wish I lived in Australia right now because this event is going to be so good!  For this Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series, the presenters are from different backgrounds which means if you can attend, you will receive a very...

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Kathy Griffin Asks, “Are We All Full of Sh-t?”

Kathy Griffin Asks, “Are We All Full of Sh-t?”

I love this woman.  She is not afraid to fluff the feathers of the sometimes traditionalist Anderson Cooper as he tries to keep it cool and deliver us New Year's Eve every year on live TV, and she has no trouble talking sh&t about something we all do - poop. It's...

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April is IBS Awareness Month!

April is IBS Awareness Month!

If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) April is your month to be heard!  IBS is a topic many people feel uncomfortable discussing. Let's face it - the symptoms can be painful, embarrassing or horrendous (I have been there).  If you're like my old self, my life...

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