I love this woman.  She is not afraid to fluff the feathers of the sometimes traditionalist Anderson Cooper as he tries to keep it cool and deliver us New Year’s Eve every year on live TV, and she has no trouble talking sh&t about something we all do – poop.

It’s unfortunate that pooping comes with an ugly stigma and how people are straight up fearful of pooping in public or at work.  Luckily we have comedians like Kathy Griffin to make light of pooping, a very natural and necessary thing we need to do.

Are you full of it? Kathy Griffin says YES in this new promo video. Warning PG-13 for language…BLEEP!

There are ways we can all poop better and Squatty Potty is one of the solutions I have found to work for me.  It changes the way your body is positioned, leading to a more natural process of elimination, and an easier time spent on the “john.”

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According to stand-up comedian and actress Kathy Griffin, if you’re not using a Squatty Potty, you may literally be “full of sh-t.” As she explains in our recent promotional video, if you sit to sh-t, your colon is kinked and your elimination incomplete. By squatting to poop (with the help of a Squatty Potty bathroom stool, for example) you unkink your colon for a more comfortable and complete elimination experience.

Unbelievable you say? Watch this hilarious new promotional video to see for yourself.

What prompted Kathy Griffin to lend her unique brand of irreverent humor to Squatty Potty’s latest marketing campaign? “Quite simply, it was a perfect match that neither of us could pass up. Kathy is not only a fan of our product, she’s the only person who could possibly get away with telling people that they may be literally ‘full of sh-t’,” said Squatty Potty CEO, Bobby Edwards.

While Squatty Potty’s unicorn video has been lauded as one of the “best ever” by Adweek, the family behind Squatty Potty believes the partnership with Kathy expands on “our approach to have fun while helping educate the public about a better and healthier way to poop. Simply put, if you’re not using a Squatty Potty, you’re missing out on an easier and healthier elimination experience.”

For the uninitiated, Kathy is a two-time Emmy and Grammy award-winning comedian and a New York Times best-selling author with two books to her credit — Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, and A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin. Using a sophistication and quirkiness, she breaks through the entertainment clutter with a universally recognized brand of pull-no-punches comedy.  Check out Kathy’s ever-growing 2017/18 comedy tour.

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“Be Good to Yourself and Your Gut!” ~ Colleen Francioli

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