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FREE eBOOK (download here I am super excited to have been included in this brand-new recipe eBook from Delicious Living, sponsored by NeoCell, collagen products!

In this eBook you'll find two of my delicious low-FODMAP recipes using collagen, plus other recipes for raw, Paleo and allergy-friendly diets.

Download this FREE eBook here:

Collagen is high in the amino acid glycine (NeoCell’s has 22.65% avg. gram of amino acid/100 gram portion) which can improve digestive health, regulate inflammation, protect the mucosal barrier, and improve enterocyte function in the intestinal tract. It can protect against systemic endotoxin damage from leaky gut. Glycine also protects the liver and aids in detoxification and bile acid production. Finally, if excess fructose (a FODMAP, Monosaccharide) is to blame for some of your digestive woes, glycine can help improve fructose malabsorption (sources 1, 2, 3).

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Wednesday Low-FODMAP Tip: Many foods high in fiber are to be avoided during the low-FODMAP diet, but we still need our fiber! Low-FODMAP foods that contain fiber are fermented more slowly so they're less likely to disrupt the fluid balance in your gut. Just remember to *slowly* increase low-FODMAP fibrous foods, and round out your nutrition by choosing a wide array of whole foods like low-FODMAP veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains, and seeds.

Here are some low-FODMAP foods that contain fiber, plus the appropriate low-FODMAP serving size for each:
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