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Low-FODMAP Skinny BLT Salad

This salad is high in protein, low in carbs and only 15g of fat per serving.  This delicious salad is great for a weeknight, great to take to work the next day or for a barbeque! Low-FODMAP Tip: If you are into meal prepping, poaching chicken ahead of time is a great...

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Low-FODMAP Fast Food Options

I was a child of the 80's and growing up, we would eat fast food from time to time.  My Mother cooked healthy meals for us most nights and the times we went for fast food was when she or my Father were super busy.  I never remember us making a decision days ahead to...

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The Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series in Sydney and Brisbane

The Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series in Sydney and Brisbane

The Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series I so wish I lived in Australia right now because this event is going to be so good!  For this Low FODMAP Diet Seminar Series, the presenters are from different backgrounds which means if you can attend, you will receive a very...

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Kathy Griffin Asks, “Are We All Full of Sh-t?”

Kathy Griffin Asks, “Are We All Full of Sh-t?”

I love this woman.  She is not afraid to fluff the feathers of the sometimes traditionalist Anderson Cooper as he tries to keep it cool and deliver us New Year's Eve every year on live TV, and she has no trouble talking sh&t about something we all do - poop. It's...

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